MS-RT is the Welsh company making the rally-inspired vans of our dreams

Most of the work that MS-RT does is cosmetic, but it's so good that we don't care.

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Kyle Hyatt

We're pretty salty over the fact that this hyper-aggressive-looking little van won't be sold in the US.


Typically we're not that into appearance packages on modern cars. We would rather see that money be spent more on "go" than "show," but the MS-RT Transit Connect is an exception to that rule.

What's an MS-RT Transit Connect? Well, to begin with, MS-RT is a Welsh company that modifies Ford vans to have a specific rally-inspired look and feel. The modifications performed by MS-RT are mostly cosmetic, with the bulk of the exterior changes coming from a custom-designed and manufactured body kit and OZ Racing wheels.

Inside, things get fancier than you'd expect for a Transit, with upgraded materials like Nappa leather and suede as well as a few MS-RT-specific touches like a redesigned steering wheel made of carbon fiber.

The MS-RT Transit Connect is powered by a 1.6-liter turbodiesel engine and is available with either a six-speed manual transmission or an automatic. It's not a high-strung exotic powertrain, but despite looking cool, these are still meant to be used as vans.

The Launch Edition, of which MS-RT is making 40, sells for the equivalent of just over $32,000, which seems wildly cheap for something so awesome-looking. Unfortunately, it looks like the MS-RT vans are only available in the UK, and that means our dreams of blasting around town in a superaggressive little van with a manual gearbox are never going to be fulfilled.

MS-RT also makes Valentino Rossi and Guy Martin versions of the Transit, both of which are also awesome.

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