Ford teases updated Fiesta ST before February 24 debut

After unveiling the 2018 Fiesta, this was basically a given.

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Andrew Krok

already showed off its updated 2018 Fiesta, and now, it's time to introduce those changes to the hot-hatch Fiesta ST.

The automaker will give out full details on the 2018 Fiesta ST on February 24, but ahead of that, it's thrown out a little teaser video on the Ford UK Facebook page. The car is camouflaged, and it can be seen ripping through the Fiesta assembly facility before drifting under a bicyclist for some reason.

The European version of the FiST (I love that nickname) will likely be offered in both three-door and five-door variants, as it has in the past. Power will likely meet or exceed the 197 horsepower from the previous version. And, like every other 2018 Fiesta, it plays host to a whole bunch of upgrades from a revised exterior to a much fancier interior.

Ford's been mum on its plans to introduce the 2018 Fiesta to the US market, so don't assume this thing is heading here immediately after its debut. It could take until the 2018 calendar year before it arrives Stateside.

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