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Ford's future of infotainment will run on Google's Android

Android replaces Blackberry QNX as the automaker goes all in with Google.

Ford/Google partnership
Ford and Google sittin' in a tree.

Ford's betting big on Android to power its future in-car technologies. On Monday, the automaker announced a new partnership with Google that will see the tech giant's Android operating system power future Ford vehicles. The digital experience will begin rolling out to new Ford and Lincoln cars in 2023 and provide Google services built directly into the car. For Blackberry faithful, that means saying goodbye to QNX, which powered Sync for years now.

It's a route we continue to see automakers take, most notably with Volvo and cousin division Polestar.  Ford didn't entirely detail what will make the partnership "unique" for drivers, but what will come to its cars in two years will be transformative. For example, Google Maps will be the primary navigation system, Google Assistant will be ready and willing to execute commands from the car and Google Play will provide optimized apps for Ford vehicles for music, podcasts and more. On a media call Monday, Ford declined to speak to what kind of branding this package will take, but it sounds like Sync will stick around in some form still. And don't worry, you'll still be able to use Apple CarPlay, should you desire.

Ford and Google said the Android software will also provide access to third-party developers who want a shot at creating apps specifically for the car. The automaker thinks it'll be what drivers increasingly want in the future: more customization and personalization in the car.

On the business side of things, Google and Ford will create Team Upshift, which will help the automaker streamline operations with help from Google's Cloud artificial intelligence and machine learning tech. Among various goals, Ford said Google's help will make it easier to "accelerate product development, manufacturing and supply chain management." It may also create a system enabling owners to receive real-time notices if a vehicle requires maintenance, for example. Team UpShift plans to dig further into data and potentially change up the way Ford and Lincoln operate dealerships, too. That includes online purchasing, something more buyers are tinkering with amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Google and Ford said this partnership will run for six years, but who knows what the future holds for the two.

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Correction: Ford retracted a previous statement concerning the future of the Sync brand. The article reflects the automaker's current position.