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Spotify brings entertainment to Ford's new mobility platform

It's still awfully unclear exactly how deep this partnership runs, though.

Spotify Logo

Benefits for FordPass members could include anything from cheaper Spotify subscription rates to access to exclusive shows. It could literally be anything, because nobody's really explained it yet.


If you go to FordPass's website, and you don't have a marketing degree, it might not make much sense. You're not alone, but to whittle it down to a sensible explanation, FordPass is Ford's attempt to shoehorn its brand into your daily life, above and beyond simple car ownership. And its mobility empire expands once more, thanks to a new partnership with Spotify.

It's not exactly clear how closely Spotify will be working with Ford, but we do know that Spotify will join the FordPass Appreciation program, which will reward FordPass users with exclusive deals and opportunities. McDonald's, BP and 7-Eleven are also Appreciation partners.

To be fair, it's probably too early to be giving FordPass too much guff, as it does rely heavily on the future of transportation -- specifically, widespread car sharing and ride sharing. FordPass does have useful tricks that work in the present, including the ability to set up dealership appointments and receive navigation assistance.

"Our goal is to light up the FordPass experience with music," said Jorge Espinel, a Spotify vice president, in a statement. "We want to be everywhere fans listen to music, and this partnership deepens our relationship with Ford and FordPass members." Attempts to translate this sentence into something meaningful to the average human have been unsuccessful thus far.