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Ford's new multicamera Super Duty trailer guidance system is damn comprehensive

There's even a movable camera that customers can place themselves, to cover any personal blind spots.


When Ford announced its tech-heavy trailer-reversing assistant for the F-150 pickup, it was all but expected that this gadgetry would eventually work its way to heavier-duty offerings. As Ford has debuted an all-new Super Duty lineup, that time is now.

Trailer Reverse Guidance loads your Super Duty to the gills with tech that's built exclusively to, as rapper Juvenile puts it, "back that thing up." Three cameras work alongside dynamic guidelines to coach drivers through reversing. The system provides a virtual bird's-eye view of the hookup, as well as a dynamic steering image that tells the driver how to position the wheel to ensure dead-straight backing up.

In all, Ford's Super Duty offers seven cameras. A tailgate camera and two side-view cameras work with Trailer Reverse Guidance. There's also a camera on the center high-mounted stop lamp for both cargo-box peeping and easier alignment with gooseneck trailers. Ford's also offering a moveable wired camera that customers can place on the back of whatever it is they are towing for an even better view of what's behind. What's next, a drone?