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Ford reveals Transit Connect Family One details

Ford released details of the family-friendly Transit Connect Family One.


Young moms want to look cool, keep their children safe, and save money, according to Ford Motors. The company recently unveiled the latest sporty (yet green), spacious (yet compact) vehicle set for release this summer.

The two-toned box-on-wheels will start at $21,475, including destination charge, and it's rated at 22 miles per gallon city, 25 highway mpg.

The Family One concept is based on the Transit Connect, a global Ford platform adaptable to a variety of applications for family and business needs. This concept vehicle represents Ford's first effort in showcasing the versatile Transit Connect for personal use.

The second-row seats provide youngsters with ample room to get comfortable and watch TV on the bulkhead-mounted sunshade screens or look through the large windows.

Other family-friendly features include built-in hand sanitizer and sunscreen dispensers, walkie-talkies that charge when docked, a first-aid kit, and cargo door-mounted folding twin scooters. The storage area beneath the rear floor holds a folding stroller and an awning extends from the open rear cargo doors. Seat covers are removable, washable, and can be changed to redecorate.

The Family One concept employs radio frequency identification technology to keep track of all the items the active family needs to stay organized. When the driver enters the vehicle with children, the in-dash computer will notify the driver if sports equipment is still in the front hall closet. Using predictive algorithms to "learn" based on past usage, the system will identify missing musical instruments or homework on the way to school and will remind parents if they haven't packed clubs for a scheduled Saturday golf outing.

(Source: Ford Motor Company)