Ford issues three separate recalls for the Transit, Edge, Expedition and Lincoln Navigator

The recalls affect a total of 319,711 vehicles in North America.

Daniel Golson Former social media editor
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Ford has issued three different new recalls in North America that affect four of its models -- including one -- totaling almost 320,000 vehicles. There have been no reported injuries or accidents related to any of the recalls, and all will be fixed by dealerships.

Of the three recalls, the largest is for one of Ford's largest vehicles: the . Ford is recalling 293,558 Transits across the 2015-2017 model years in the US (as well as 22,960 in Canada and 2,744 in Mexico) for an issue with the driveshaft flexible coupling. The coupling can crack as mileage increases, creating noise and vibration in the driveline, which can in turn cause separation of the driveshaft. If that happens there can be a loss of power and unintended movement when the van is in park, as well as damage to components like fuel lines and brakes. So far, Ford hasn't received any reports of damage or injury.

This is something for which Ford previously issued a recall in 2017. Ford says that for couplings installed under that recall that have fewer than 40,000 miles on them, there's nothing to worry about. For Transits that have put more than 40,000 miles on the couplings, Ford will be replacing the coupling, but weirdly that's being called an "interim repair" to be performed every 40,000 miles until the "final repair" is available. When the "permanent repair parts" become available, dealers will install new front driveshaft sections with mechanical u-joints in place of the existing flexible couplings. No timeline was given for when the permanent fix will be available.

The next recall is for 2019 model-year Edge crossovers , affecting 366 units in the US and 65 in Canada. The driver's side seatbelt pretensioner may be improperly crimped from the factory, leading to the assembly improperly restraining the occupant in a crash. All the potentially affected Edges were built between Sept. 18-19 of 2019. No accidents or injuries have been reported, and dealers will inspect the part and replace it if necessary.

The smallest of the three recalls is for the SUV and its sibling. Only 18 units are affected between the two models, all of which were 2019 model years built between Sept. 5-6 of 2019. During assembly the rear toe link fastener might not have been tightened properly, which could cause it to disconnect while driving and lead to a crash. Ford says that there have been no reports of accidents related to this issue. Dealers will inspect and correctly torque the fasteners, perform a rear toe alignment, and check the rear tires for wear.