Ford recalls 350,000 trucks, SUVs for transmission problems

The recall includes the latest versions of the F-150 and Expedition.

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Despite being brand new, some vehicles may still carry potential defects that could spur a recall. That's the case with Ford's latest pair of recalls, which covers some brand spankin' new models.

Recall the first: Transmission clips

Ford has issued a recall for approximately 350,000 trucks and SUVs in North America. This group includes the 2018 F-150 and 2018 Expedition equipped with 10-speed automatic transmissions, as well as 2018 F-650 and F-750 trucks equipped with six-speed automatic transmissions.

The issue stems from a single cable clip. This clip secures the shifter cable to the transmission, and it may not be fully seated on affected vehicles. If the clip becomes dislodged, the transmission may end up in a different gear than the one the driver selects. This includes shifting the vehicle to park when turning off the car -- the shifter might be in P, but the transmission could still permit movement, which is obviously a safety hazard.

Ford is aware of a single accident and injury related to this problem. Fixing the issue is as simple as checking to see if the clip was installed correctly. If it wasn't, dealers will secure the clip and adjust the shifter cable.

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Recall the second: Transmission roll pins

That wasn't Ford's only recall announcement today. It also issued a much smaller recall, covering just 161 examples of the 2017-2018 Ford F-150, 2018 Expedition, 2018 Mustang and 2018 Lincoln Navigator, all of which are equipped with 10-speed automatic transmissions.

This recall also lays blame on a small transmission component, this time a roll pin that attaches the parking pawl (this holds the transmission in Park) and the transmission case. The roll pin might be missing, which with repeated use might cause the vehicle to lose Park entirely. If that happens, the vehicle won't shift to Park even when selected with the shifter. Like the first recall, that presents a safety hazard.

Remedying the issue is pretty straightforward. Dealers will look for the roll pin in question, and if one is not present, it will install one. Easy peasy.

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