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Ford pits Fiesta against Lambo, hilarity ensues

Ford's latest promotional video pits the new Fiesta sub-compact against the Lamborghini Gallardo, with a tongue-in-cheek bent.

Ford Fiesta drag races Lamborghini Gallard, Brittani Taylor
This probably won't end very well for the Fiesta. Ford/YouTube

We've driven the Ford Fiesta and we know that it's a fun little subcompact, but is it a Lamborghini slayer? Probably not, but that's the tongue-in-cheek tactic that Ford's latest promotional video for the tiny hatchback takes.

Hosted by YouTube star Brittani Louise Taylor, the video starts with a drag race that, with about a 400 horsepower difference, ends about how you'd expect. But this is a Ford promo video with a series of Fiesta-centric tests, so you can guess that things ultimately work out for the little guy. Check out the goofiest shootout you'll see today in the video below--and try not to laugh too hard as Brittani mistakes the Lambo's engine bay for a trunk.