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Ford picks Opera for in-dash Web browsing

Ford has chosen a mobile flavor of Opera to power its in-dash Web experience.

Ford Work Solutions screenshot
Check out the Opera icon in the top left corner. Ford Motor Company

Earlier today, we reported that Ford is bringing Sprint 3G broadbandto its Ford Work Solutions technology suite for F-series and E-series trucks and work vans. This is great news, but it got our inner-geek wondering, "What browser does a Ford truck run?"

It turns out that Ford has chosen a mobile version of the Opera browser to power its in-dash Web experience.

Rod Hamlin, Senior Vice President Americas for Opera Software, said:

"Opera's vision has always been about giving people access to the full Web anytime, anywhere. No example showcases this better than delivering a fast, feature-rich Web browser to a vehicle. This solution will allow Ford truck and van owners to maintain a virtual work environment with access to all of the important files, information, and applications they need on a daily basis."

For more information, visit Ford Work Solutions.