Ford Performance launches limited-edition RTR Mustang styling pack

The Series 1 Mustang RTR is intended to look like Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s drift car.

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2019 Ford Series 1 Mustang RTR

You can have this package installed at your Ford dealer, and it comes with a factory warranty.


Vaughn Gittin Jr. is well-known for taking his highly modified Ford Mustang sliding sideways, and now there's a chance for fans to drive a car that at least looks like those wild drift cars. Gittin Jr.'s RTR Vehicles is teaming up with Ford Performance to offer a limited-run package bringing the drift machines' styling to more workaday Mustangs.

The Series 1 Mustang RTR kits are offered for Ford Mustang GT or EcoBoost models equipped with the factory Performance Pack 1 option. The RTR treatment then adds new 19-inch wheels (9.5 inches wide in front, 10 inches wide in back), new RTR-specific body parts like a revised grille and new side skirts, an RTR-designed Gurney-flap rear spoiler, various extra badges and an RTR-branded shift knob. Notably, the car's nose has the new polygonal grille inserts that are notable from all of Gittin's RTR Mustang drift cars, as well as new body-side stripes and a windshield banner. The car also features adjustable anti-roll bars so owners can tweak their car's handling.

2019 Ford Series 1 Mustang RTR

The package helps your street-legal Mustang look a bit more like Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s drift machines.


"This collaboration has created a Mustang that offers smile-inducing street driving, diverse capability on the track and a very distinctive owner experience for those looking to stand out from the crowd," Gittin, whose official title is listed as "president and chief fun-haver" at RTR Vehicles, said in a press release issued Monday.

The Mustang's factory-offered Performance Pack 1, which is mandatory for the new RTR package, already offers a big performance upgrade over base Mustangs. It adds features like a limited-slip differential, stiffer suspension springs, a strut-tower brace, upgraded brakes and additional cooling capabilities. There's also a Performance Pack 2 option for Mustang shoppers who plan to spend even more time at the track.

Ford will sell 500 of the RTR car packages starting early next year. You'll be able to order the package through any Ford dealership for installation on your Mustang, and it will come with a Ford warranty.

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