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Ford will debut a mystery car on Thursday ahead of Woodward Dream Cruise

Your guess is as good as mine.

2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt
We've already seen (and driven) the Bullitt, so we're pretty perplexed over what Ford has up its sleeve.

This coming weekend is the Woodward Dream Cruise, which is the one time every year when half of metro Detroit threatens to leave town because they hate fun. Ford has plenty of activities planned, including a mysterious new-car debut.

Ford announced Tuesday that, ahead of the Dream Cruise this weekend, it intends to debut a new production vehicle on Thursday. Ford has all sorts of events planned afterward, like its usual Mustang Alley hangout in Ferndale, a parade of current and former Mustang Bullitt models, and a family-friendly area dedicated to SUVs and crossovers.

What interests us most, though, is that new-car announcement. Given the connection between the Dream Cruise and the Mustang, that seems like the most sensible model to break cover -- Ford will likely save a bigger reveal, such as the new Explorer, for an auto show or standalone event.

So if it's a Mustang, what could it be? Well, Ford is still working on a hotter version of its Shelby lineup, so a GT500 could very well show up. Motor1 thinks it could be a new Boss 302, which would be pretty, um, boss. Another Mustang variant due for an unveiling is the Cobra Jet, an off-the-shelf drag racer that is technically a production vehicle, even if it doesn't have a VIN and is not at all road-legal. Ford teased the Cobra Jet back in April, but we still haven't seen the real thing.

The Woodward Dream Cruise isn't just about Ford, though. It's a celebration of all things automotive. It's a weekend where every hidden gem in a Southeastern Michigan garage is rolled out onto Woodward Avenue and put on display for car enthusiasts of all stripes to enjoy. It's a blast.