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Ford's Mustang-inspired SUV boasts 300-plus mile range

A new Ford website floats a figure up to 370 miles on a single charge -- in Europe.

Prototype Ford Mustang-inspired electric SUV
In the US, the estimated range will be at least 300 miles.

Ford seems prepared to bring all the ammunition it can for its first electric vehicle, the unnamed Mustang-inspired SUV. This Thursday, the automaker launched a new website for electric vehicles in Europe and quoted a 370-mile range for the electric SUV, based on WLTP estimates.

For us in the US, WLTP figures are far more liberal than our EPA estimates. Some quick math for a conversion pegs an EPA estimate to land somewhere around 330 miles of range on the high side. If Ford does nail that figure, it will be the only other electric car to rival Tesla's Model S Long Range, which packs an estimated 335-mile range.

A Ford representative underscored the 370-mile range figure will not mimic an EPA estimate and said the target is still at least 300 miles for the US market. It's important to note the website also says "up to 370 miles." The phrasing indicates this figure will definitely correspond to a range-topping model with other models beneath it boasting shorter ranges, but likely less expensive price points.

So far, Ford has only shown sketches and well-camo'd photos of its Mustang-inspired EV>


Earlier this month, Ford released photos of the Mustang-inspired electric SUV prototype for the first time while touting performance benefits in a myth-busting campaign. The photos hardly reflect a final design with a vehicle made of corporate parts bin components, but the teasers seem to indicate Ford is preparing us for some sort of bigger news. A previous report claimed a larger teaser of sorts is coming in November, which also happens to be the same month as the Los Angeles Auto Show. Hopefully, we'll see a lightly veiled concept, at least.

The automaker plans to launch the Mustang-inspired electric SUV sometime in 2020 and has a host of other electrified models in the pipeline. But make no mistake, we're most interested in this dedicated EV.

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