Ford teases Mustang hybrid in new ad spot featuring Bryan Cranston

The badge lights up, too, because it's 2018 and it would be weird if it didn't.

Bryan Cranston can make any day better. But throw a teaser for a new variant of Mustang into the mix alongside Bryan Cranston, and now you've got quite the stew goin'.

Ford unveiled its new ad campaign today. With Bryan Cranston leading the campaign's first minute-long spot, it talks about how the future isn't determined by flashy keynotes or speeches, but rather by actually building the damn future. It ends with Cranston saying, "So let the other guys keep dreaming about the future. We'll be the ones building it."

The most interesting part of the ad, aside from Cranston's swoon-worthy existence, is what appears to be a teaser for the forthcoming hybrid variant of the Mustang. The couple-second slice of the ad (around the 37-second mark) appears to show a Mustang with radically revised front bodywork, in addition to a blue light-up badge.

This shade of blue is the color Ford's been using to highlight electrification, so all signs point to it being a teaser for the Mustang hybrid, which has been confirmed nine ways from Sunday by this point.

That grille just doesn't seem porous enough for there to be a stonkin' gas engine behind it, even if it's also electrified, but take that guesswork with a grain of salt.

Ford Motor Company

Then again, given how different some parts of the body look, it could also be a teaser for Ford's upcoming Mustang-inspired electric crossover. The almost total lack of front grille leads me to believe it could be that, too, even if the shape looks more carlike than crossoverlike.

Ford won't say either way, replying to Motor Authority's inquiry with the explanation that the mystery car in the ad is "a glimpse of the future." It's definitely the future, I'm just not sure which future it is, but we'll find out soon enough.