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Ford shows us the nose of its Mustang EV, and Bryan Cranston as a cyborg

The video is mostly just Ford cheerleading itself, but the peek at a possible schnoz for its forthcoming EV makes it worth a watch.

Ford has been teasing its future electric Mustang crossover thing for a while already, but it just went and did it again, giving us our best look yet at the nose of this automotive cryptid. Oh, and it also gave us a look at what Lieutenant Commander Data from Star Trek would look like if Bryan Cranston played him.

The video in question is dated from October, 2018 on YouTube but popped up on Ford's homepage more recently, and while it's not an ad specifically for this new EV, it does give us another peek at it -- this time showing us what its front end could look like.

What's our verdict? Well, it looks better than we thought it might, based on what we'd seen previously.

The rest of the video is typical American car company commercial fodder, typically reserved for the long-form sappy ads we see during the Super Bowl. It's got America's favorite TV drama-dad Bryan Cranston and a suspiciously Ramin Djwadi-esque cover of Paint It Black. 

When asked whether the image shown was actually the Mustang EV, Ford representatives responded with "It's a glimpse of the future. We are excited to show you more in the future."

Speaking of the future, the word 'round the campfire is that we can expect to see the Mustang-inspired electric crossover thing in concept form this year, with a possible production version ready to hit market in 2020.

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