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Ford Maverick First Edition tweaks shown for first time in leak

The package includes a number of features bundled in for the first Maverick buyers.

Ford Maverick First Edition
Here are all the goods.
Maverick Truck Club

Can a vehicle even launch these days without some sort of "first edition"? It doesn't seem possible, and the 2021 Ford Maverick will be no different. Although we knew a Maverick First Edition was in the cards, a leaked image shows the pickup for the first time, thanks to a Maverick Truck Club forum user. Published this past weekend, the truck rocks numerous exclusive touches.

Most apparent are the graphics, which black out the hood partially, toss some accents along the bottom of the door sills and the roof features a gloss black finish. Body-color door handles are also part of the First Edition looks, as are glossy black, 18-inch wheels. Those who buy one of these First Edition pickups also receive a standard sunroof and a soft tonneau cover tossed in. Keep in mind, the truck shown here is also based on the Lariat trim, so there are many extra features packed in. Atop the Lariat trim, buyers need to select the $3,340 luxury package and then tack on the First Edition gear for another $1,495.

Still, out the door, that shakes out to only about $32,000, which is well under the average new car price these days. And the Maverick starts in the low $20,000 range, which is even better.

We'll have to wait for Ford to share more about the truck in time, but if you were holding out on a Maverick First Edition to see a little more, maybe now's the time to reserve one.

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