Ford Maverick compact pickup caught on city street without camouflage

Ford's tiny truck seems like it's closing in on a proper debut, judging by all the sightings.

We learned earlier this month that Ford has begun production of a compact pickup truck in Mexico, and all signs point to it being the vehicle you see here: the Maverick. New video from The Fast Lane Truck, embedded above, shows photos of the Blue Oval's compact pickup out on the streets of San Diego. According to the publication, this was a shoot for a promotional video of some sort.

That's the thing with marketing -- you can't hide the product. Thus, the Maverick was free of any camouflage or disguise while it roamed around public roads. Foremost, it carries a macho stance, even though this will be a truck riding on a unibody platform, like the Honda Ridgeline. You'll have to ask Roadshow's Reviews Editor Emme Hall if that actually disqualifies it from being a truck or not. There's no cut where the cab ends and the bed starts, apparently confirming the persistent rumors the Maverick will, indeed, ride on a car platform.

In this case, it's almost certainly going to use Ford's C2 architecture, which underpins the Focus sold globally, the Escape and most recently, the Bronco Sport. The latter showed us the company can make something truly rugged and appealing with the platform, which gives me hope for the Maverick. And from what it sounds like, this truck will be a big deal for Ford. Previous rumors peg the little dude as starting around $20,000, making it a new entry-level vehicle for the brand. Since Ford dropped passenger cars from its lineup, the automaker realizes it needs more ways to put buyers in cheaper new wheels.

Between preproduction kicking off and photos like these, we're probably nearing an announcement. Stay tuned as we bring you the latest on this little pickup.