Ford may be developing a new Lincoln electric SUV with Rivian

The new SUV would ride on a new electric skateboard-style chassis developed by Rivian.

This boxy beauty may share its electric unmentionables with a forthcoming Lincoln SUV.

All the investor money that's been poured into EV startup Rivian may be starting to bear fruit already for the investors themselves, according to a report Tuesday by Reuters.

One of the most prominent Rivian investors is Ford, which is now rumored to be readying its luxury brand Lincoln's first EV in 2022 with a new skateboard-style chassis developed by Rivian. Whether this is the same chassis that will underpin the highly anticipated Rivian R1S SUV is unclear, but seems likely.

Here's where things get a little complicated: Based on Lincoln's other SUV offerings, it would make sense for this EV to compete in the same price range as Rivian's own R1S, which will start at $72,500. 

It wouldn't surprise us to see Lincoln's offering lean way more toward the luxury soft-roader style that it's been perfecting with vehicles like the Navigator and the Aviator while Rivian aims its 'ute at the granola and mountain bikes crowd.

All of these electric SUVs will, in all probability, end up competing against similar vehicles from the likes of Cadillac and maybe even a revived Hummer, and to a lesser degree, with vehicles like the Bollinger B1.

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