Ford launches educational site about EVs, hybrids

Ford's new web site offers information about electrified vehicle and technology choices.

Suzanne Ashe
Suzanne Ashe has been covering technology, gadgets, video games, and cars for several years. In addition to writing features and reviews for magazines and Web sites, she has contributed to daily newspapers.
Suzanne Ashe


Ford just launched a new Web site to educate people about electric vehicles in an interactive way.

The site is designed to inform visitors about the differences between hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and pure battery electric vehicles like the Ford Fusion Hybrid, the Ford Focus Electric, and other plug-in vehicles Ford has in the works.

Using videos and diagrams, the Web site demonstrates how gasoline, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and battery electric vehicles work and lets visitors make their own conclusions about which vehicle is right for them. The Web site also offers links to other sites, such as EcoBoost and MyFord Touch, which offer additional information about Ford vehicles and services.

"We want our customers to be informed and educated," said Nancy Gioia, director of global electrification for Ford. "Most of our customers are used to traditional gasoline engines powering their cars, so this technology is new to them. This site gives them the tools to learn about our electrified vehicles with resources they are most comfortable with: text, graphical fact sheets, videos or a combination of the materials."