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Ford integrates iHeartRadio BlackBerry app with Sync

The latest Internet radio integration puts BlackBerry in the lead with the most apps available with Ford Sync AppLink.

iHeartRadio hasn't forgotten about the 19 million smartphone users still rocking BlackBerries--the Internet radio service integrated its BlackBerry app with Ford's infotainment system to give listeners access to their favorite stations while on the go.

The new BlackBerry iHeartRadio app, available for download, seamlessly integrates features with the vehicle steering wheel controls. For hands-free control, Sync AppLink users can use voice commands, such as "Genre," "City," or "Personality," to search for a station by type of music, location of station, or host.

This is the third BlackBerry app that has been integrated with Sync, which puts the stalwart mobile platform in the lead with the most apps in Ford vehicles. Ford has already added Pandora and OpenBeak for Twitter on BlackBerry in AppLink, and says that many other app integrations are in the works.

But showing BlackBerry users some love with Sync integration has more to do with the app developer than the auto manufacturer. It's up to the app developer to create a version for BlackBerry, and then choose to integrate it with Ford AppLink (Stitcher: I'm looking at you).