Ford GT's new Heritage theme pays homage to Le Mans '67

This livery is basically saying, "Hey, remember that time we beat the bejesus out of Ferrari?"

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Ford is not shy about revisiting the time when it beat Ferrari at Le Mans four years in a row. The automaker already released a Ford GT Heritage livery for the 1966 race, and now, it's time for 1967.

As with the '66 Heritage edition, the '67 Heritage getup for the Ford GT is solely aesthetic. There's a bright Race Red paint job with white stripes, some exposed carbon fiber, red brake calipers and silver mirror caps. The hood and door are adorned with #1 graphics, which was the race number of the Ford GT that won Le Mans in 1967.

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If you miss this one, there's probably two more years of these special editions on the way.


Fun fact: The 1967 running of Le Mans remains the only Le Mans victory that involved an American-built car, an American race team and American drivers. Every other Ford GT victory has been a bit more of a melting pot.

Inside, there's new leather trim on the carbon fiber seats, some red accent stitching on both the seats and steering wheel, and the seat belt webbing is also red. The instrument panel features stainless steel with a satin finish, and there's exposed matte carbon fiber all about. Buyers also get an identification plate, which will help when flipping the car for three times its original value.

Only a limited number of '67 Heritage editions will be made available during the Ford GT's 2018-model-year run. Thankfully, Ford also won in 1968 and 1969, so if you don't mind waiting, this probably won't be the last Heritage edition to come from the Multimatic plant in Ontario, Canada.

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