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Ford GT mystery model teased ahead of Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Blue Oval is hinting at a new addition to the GT's legend, but it isn't yet clear we're looking at.

Ford GT Goodwood Festival of Speed teaser
This teaser shows more aggressive aero, but it's not clear if it's on a street car, a racer, or something else.

Despite coming away empty-handed at last weekend's 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Ford GT has an enviable performance record on both track and street. But that doesn't mean that the Blue Oval is content with its low-slung, wing-shaped supercar. Need proof? Ford is teasing the upcoming reveal of what looks to be a brand-new GT derivative at the UK's Goodwood Festival Of Speed on July 4.

It's hard to make out much from the shadowy teaser photo shown above, but it is clear that the mystery car features radically different aerodynamics than the current production model. Most notably, there's a huge rear wing that looks significantly different from the smaller active aero unit on the street car. In fact, the aerofoil looks an awful lot like the wing affixed to the rear of Ford's GT LM GTE race cars, albeit with larger endplates.

Additionally, unlike today's production and race cars, the Ford GT appears to have a new element directly over the roof, likely some sort of cold air scoop to feed the engine.

It's not immediately clear whether the Goodwood-bound debut will be a street-legal model, a new race car or something in between.

Ford ran these heritage liveries at the 24 Hours of Le Mans just last weekend.


According to a short official press release from Ford, we should learn more about the car at 1:45 am PT on July 4. At that time, the mystery supercar will debut alongside the UK premiere of the company's new 760-horsepower Mustang Shelby GT500 and a new Focus ST, the latter of which, sadly, we won't get in the US.

Officials aren't saying anything about it at the moment, but we'd be surprised if the Blue Oval didn't take the opportunity to demonstrate this mystery Ford GT in the Goodwood's famed hill climb. After all, the company has already confirmed it will run at least eight other cars up Lord March's 1.16-mile long hill course at that time, including the No. 66 Chip Ganassi Racing GT, a car that probably still has a coating of bugs and grit from Le Mans on its flanks.