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Ford Fusion, Mercury and Lincoln siblings part of 600,000-plus sedans recalled

The brake pedal may not work properly in these 2006-2010 sedans.

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid
Lots of sedans need to go back to the dealer.

Ford issued a doozy of a recall on Friday for three of its past sedans. The issue affects the 2006-2010 Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan and the Lincoln MKZ.

Each of the three sedans were related, back when Mercury was still a thing and Americans had a greater preference for the bodystyle. Thus, the described brake issue detailed affects each model. In total, Ford said 600,166 Fusion, Milan and MKZ models may have a problem with the hydraulic control unit.

A valve may stick open, rather than close, leading to increased brake pedal travel. If it takes more effort than usual to get some stopping power, there's an increased risk of a crash. It's already been an issue for some people: Ford said it's aware of 15 crashes and two injuries related to this issue in the cars involved.

Owners will need to take their cars to a Ford or Lincoln dealer to have them inspected. There, a technician will look for stuck or slow-to-respond valves in the hydraulic control unit. If it's necessary, owners will get a whole new unit at no cost. The system will also be flushed and given new brake fluid.

Ford also said it's recalling 33 F-150 models for spare tires that may have damage from the factory.

The automaker didn't say when it plans to notify owners, but keep an eye on the mailbox for a notification for when the recall will start.

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