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Ford's itching to sell off remaining Fusion sedans with killer deals

Generous cash-back and 0% finance deals are all part of the plan to clear out the last of the sedans.

Sean Szymkowski
It all started with Gran Turismo. From those early PlayStation days, Sean was drawn to anything with four wheels. Prior to joining the Roadshow team, he was a freelance contributor for Motor Authority, The Car Connection and Green Car Reports. As for what's in the garage, Sean owns a 2016 Chevrolet SS, and yes, it has Holden badges.
Sean Szymkowski
2019 Ford Fusion
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2019 Ford Fusion

Get 'em while you can. If you want one, that is.


The Ford Fusion is a dead machine as the Blue Oval moves into the future without a single passenger car in its US lineup -- save for the trusty Mustang . But the company doesn't want the sedans sitting around, so it's pushing some aggressive deals on the Fusion for new buyers.

According to a bulletin sent to dealers, which CarsDirect first reported on Monday, buyers nationwide can take advantage of 72-month financing with 0% APR. A 0% rate is already pretty darn good, but will toss another $2,000 back at you if you go home with a Fusion. If you're in California, the 0% APR is good for an 84-month loan, and it covers the and Energi plug-in hybrid models. 

Plus, if you go for the plug-in hybrid in California, buyers receive another $1,000 rebate from the government and then an extra $917 with the new Clean Fuel Reward structure. Really, the most fuel-efficient Fusion is the one to get, at least in California.

While it doesn't seem like Americans will actually miss the Fusion much at all, we've heard rumors and seen some evidence the car may come back in a new form. Last year, whispers picked up about a raised wagon of sorts to replace the Fusion. Think something like a . We even saw Ford trademark the Stormtrak name in Europe, potentially for such a vehicle. 

The 2020 Ford Fusion is still a contender

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