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Ford France announces Keyfree Login password manager

You have keyless entry and start for your car, why not your computer?

Ford Keyfree login splash screen
Ford France

One of my favorite convenience features for cars is smart keyless entry and start. This transponder-based system lets you unlock your doors by simply approaching the car, touching the door, and pushing the starter button -- no fumbling with the key fob required thanks to RFID technology.

Ford thinks that if this sort of walk up and unlock technology is good for your car, it should also be good for your laptop, which is why it's announced its Ford Keyfree Login software. After downloading and installing the Chrome extension onto a laptop or desktop computer that features Bluetooth connectivity, users will be able to select and specify their Bluetooth-enabled smartphone as the computer's "smart key." Next, the user enters the passwords for their Facebook, Google, and Twitter accounts.

When the key phone is in range of the computer, Keyfree Login will automatically log into the supplied accounts. And when you leave with your phone, automatically log out of those accounts. It's more of a convenience feature than a true security solution as Bluetooth's range means that you'll have to get pretty far from the machine (sometimes as far as 30 feet) to trigger a lock. (Additionally, a determined hacker wouldn't have too hard a time simply spoofing your Bluetooth address.) So, don't think you'll be able to just leave your MacBook unattended in a coffee shop.

Ford's KeyFree Login is only available on Ford France's Web site. No official word has been given indicating when we'll see an international version, but Ford's English language video above seems to indicate that one is forthcoming.

Update: Ford France's Keyfree Login page is now indicating that it is "under construction."