Ford will reprint your Fox Body Mustang's window sticker for $60

The pièce de résistance for any restored Mustang from the era.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
1989 Ford Mustang convertible

Factory fresh.


Ah, the Fox Body-generation Ford Mustang. It's a unique thing, that's for sure, with an avid fan base that's seemingly grown far larger in recent years. As so many fall further in love with the classic pony car, we're only likely to see more of them restored.

Boy, does have the perfect final touch for said restoration project: a reprinted window sticker. The Ford Show Parts website now shows it will reprint a 1987-89 Mustang's window sticker exactly as it appeared when it sat on a dealership's lot. That includes the retro fonts, colors and even the paper's dimensions.

The expansion of the service is likely a welcome one for fans, and it's definitely more widespread than first thought. Ford told Roadshow these reprints are what some refer to as a Marti Report -- the company that carries out the service for Ford. Indeed, there are numerous makes and models available for a windwo sticker reprint and it's awesome.

If you want to grab a reprinted window sticker, all you need is your Mustang's VIN from the appropriate model year. Then, it'll cost $60 before shipping, which adds another $10 to the final price. But c'mon, this is pretty cool.

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First published March 23.