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Ford Focus Electric features liquid-heated battery system

The all-new Ford Focus Electric features a liquid-heated battery system making it ideal for cold climates.

The Ford Focus Electric's batteries are warmed by heated liquid, improving charging efficiency and performance. Ford

Although spring is rapidly approaching, the engineers at Ford are keeping the needs of cold weather dwellers on the forefront. The U.S. automaker announced on Tuesday that the Ford Focus Electric's battery pack won't be slowed down in below-freezing temperatures thanks to an active liquid-heating system.

"Batteries are similar to people, as they both achieve maximum performance working under moderate, unchanged temperatures," said Sherif Marakby, Ford director of Electrification Programs and Engineering. "Using a liquid-heated battery system allows Ford to keep the Focus Electric's battery at a moderate temperature and improve performance whether you are charging or driving in a cold climate."

Since "extreme temperatures can affect battery performance and reduce the range of electric vehicles," Ford said in a statement, the active liquid heating enables Focus Electric owners to "automatically precondition battery pack temperature during daily recharging." This means "the vehicle system will be able to warm up the battery on cold days" while the vehicle is still plugged in.

Last summer Ford announced that Compact Power (CPI), a subsidiary of LG Chem, will provide the lithium ion battery packs for the Ford Focus Electric.

"Focus Electric wasn't built just for consumers in warm cities with consistent temperatures," Marakby said. "We want our customers to know they can count on their electric vehicle whether they live in a cold or warm climate."