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Ford recalls 211,000 vehicles for suspension woes

The Ford Flex, Taurus and Lincoln MKT all fall victim to the latest recall.

Back to the dealer you go.

Ford has issued a new recall that covers 211,207 vehicles in the US and a few popular models from the recent past.

The automaker said on Wednesday the 2013-2018 Taurus SHO, Flex and Lincoln MKT may experience a rear suspension fracture in the toe link. Ford Taurus Police Interceptors from 2013-2018 are also included in the recall.

If these vehicles experience jounce and rebound often enough, Ford said the toe link fracture may occur, which increases the risk of a crash while driving. Those driving over harsh road conditions are obviously at the highest risk of the suspension fracture.

Ford added it's not aware of any crashes or injuries related to this issue at the time, but owners will need to take their cars in for recall repairs in due time. Dealers will install new left- and right-hand rear suspension toe links. The new parts are forged and will withstand repeated jounce and rebound.

The automaker didn't specify when owners will begin receiving notices for the recall, but keep an eye on the mailbox.

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