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Ford F-150 Power Stroke diesel discarded from pickup's options

Ford discontinues the engine offering as it focuses on the PowerBoost technology for those who need more towing muscle.

After just three years, the diesel option is out.

It was a short ride with the Ford F-150 Power Stroke diesel engine, and that ride comes to a halt today. Ford confirmed to Roadshow Monday that it will no longer offer the 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine as an option for its hot-selling F-150 pickup. Muscle Cars and Trucks first reported on a leaked dealer bulletin announcing the news this past Saturday.

"Our customers overwhelmingly order our EcoBoost V6 gasoline engines," a Ford spokesperson said in a statement. "For customers who need maximum towing torque, we now offer the F-150 PowerBoost as the ideal combination of capability, power and fuel efficiency, which wasn't available when Power Stroke was introduced."

PowerBoost, indeed, offers greater combined fuel economy compared to the F-150's oil-burning option. The Power Stroke returns 23 mpg combined, compared to the PowerBoost hybrid's 25 mpg combined. Furthering the Power Stroke's woes was its cost: The engine tacked on $5,000 to compatible trim levels. In comparison, the PowerBoost hybrid is $500 cheaper where offered. There's also the trusty 5.0-liter Coyote V8, which adds on just $1,200 compared to the diesel engine where comparable. 

If you really do want a diesel-powered full-size pickup from Ford, there are a few days remaining to place an order. According to the dealer bulletin, buyers have until July 16. After that, it's lights out for the Power Stroke.