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Ford plans next-gen electric F-Series pickup to followup F-150 Lightning

Ford could have two electric F-Series pickups in the coming years on sale.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning
There's more than just an F-150 Lightning coming.
Nick Miotke/Roadshow

Ford isn't ready to put the F-150 Lightning into production and call it a day. The automaker has big plans for a second battery-electric pickup truck for assembly at an upcoming fourth F-Series plant in the US, CEO Jim Farley revealed in an interview published Monday with Automotive News.

Farley didn't provide many details, but said the new plant will build a totally new vehicle on a brand new platform, and it will be a full-size pickup truck. A Ford spokesperson declined to comment on specifics, but said, "[Ford is] adding a fourth F-Series plant in the US to build our next generation all-electric F-Series truck at BlueOval City." This could be any sort of truck to slot into the F-Series range, not just another electric F-150.

Whatever it is, Farley thinks it will do "incredibly high volume." The F-150 Lightning already landed close to 200,000 reservations, the CEO said in the interview. Demand for that pickup alone is two to three times higher than what Ford expected, he added. 

The Blue Oval has its foot on the accelerator pedal when it comes to EVs and doesn't plan to let up. Farley has intentions to slot in behind Tesla as the US' number two EV maker by 2024, and a big part of that comes with the F-150 Lightning and E-Transit launches next spring.