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Ford F-150 Lightning reservations crack over 100,000 hand-raisers

Ford has seen some interest in its electric truck.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning
The interest in the electric truck continues to grow.

We're months away from the first Ford F-150 Lightning rolling down the assembly line, but the reservation list continues to grow. On Friday, Ford representative Mike Levine posted on Twitter confirming the electric pickup truck has over 100,000 reservations.

In our last check of reservations Ford confirmed it had a solid 100,000 hand-raisers. Ford didn't immediately return a request for comment for a more specific figure, but at any rate, the automaker's surely pleased to see the number rising and not reaching a plateau. If there's one vehicle that can change minds about EVs in the US, it's the F-150, after all -- the best-selling vehicle in the US.

However, keep in mind a reservation does not translate to a confirmed sale. Individuals simply need to plop down $100 to say they're interested in an F-150 Lightning and the deposit is fully refundable. Later this year, Ford will start working with reservation holders to convert them into actual orders. Production of the truck kicks off early next year, and then eager fans will start taking delivery of their electric trucks.

Prices for the truck start at $39,974 before a destination charge, which Ford hasn't shared yet. And note, that attractive price is for a Pro model, geared-up more like a work truck. Better equipped examples will start at $52,974 before factoring in the EV tax credit.

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