Ford recalls 28,000 SUVs and sedans for fire, rollaway risks

The Explorer, Edge and Lincoln Aviator are all included in the new recalls.

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The new Explorer is once again part of a round of recalls.

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A variety of and Lincoln vehicles are included in two new recalls Ford announced Friday, and the two separate issues can cause a number of problems for drivers .

The first recall involves a link shaft bracket that may fracture over time due to vehicle vibrations. This issue affects 2014-2016 Explorer and Taurus vehicles and 2014 Edge SUVs. if a fracture occurs, drivers may experience power loss while driving or even lose the function to place the vehicle in park, which creates a rollaway risk. A loss of power increases the risk of a crash while driving as well.

A total of 15,954 vehicles are included in this particular recall. The vast majority are in the US, with just 367 vehicles in Canada. The automaker added it's not aware of any crashes or injuries related to the defect. Owners will need to bring their vehicle to a dealer where a technician will replace the link shaft bracket at no cost.

The second recall is exclusive to the 2020 Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator. Both SUVs may suffer from a defective driveshaft prone to a fracture along the weld seam. Should a crack begin, the SUVs can experience a loss of power as the mechanical connection between the transfer case and rear axle fails. In turn, drivers may be subject to unintended movement or a loss of vehicle power while driving. Ford also identified the driveshaft could come into contact with the fuel tank, which can lead to fuel leaks and an increased risk of a fire. The automaker added it's not aware of any fires, injuries or crashes related to this problem.

The driveshaft problem affects 12,298 Aviator and Explorer SUVs with 10,905 of them in the US. The rest are scattered in Canada and Mexico, according to Ford. Those who own one of the affected vehicles will need to bring their SUV to a dealer where a technician will inspect the driveshaft and replace the component as necessary. All work will be performed free of charge.

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