Ford Expedition Limited FX4 Off-Road Package is for the posh adventurer

Lots of comforts and more capability.

Rugged looks and luxury combine here.

The Ford F-150 Raptor is about as hard-core as it comes for a factory off-roader from the Blue Oval, but if space for the family is a high priority, the pickup may not make the cut. That leaves the Ford Expedition with its cavernous cabin as an option, but it's no Raptor.

Well, the big SUV is a little closer to being like one, thanks to a new FX4 Off-Road Package. Ford said on Tuesday that the off-road package is for the Expedition Limited trim, which packs a lot of goods into the SUV, but the base XLT trim is also eligible. On top of the comforts inside, buyers will get some serious off-road gear.

There are skid plates, off-road-tuned shocks, an electronic limited-slip differential and 32-inch all-terrain tires to cap things off. They wrap 18-inch wheels, which are downsized from the Limited trim's typical 20-inch wheels. Other small changes include a shorter chin spoiler up front to aid in approach angles, a sand shield for the turbocharger and chrome-plated running boards to give the Expedition FX4 some pizazz. FX4 badges are also present.

The final party trick that's part of the package is a 360-degree camera with a split-view function. Obviously, all of the rugged stuff comes with a leather-lined cabin, a premium audio system and everything else that's already part of the cushy Limited trim.

Ford said that 20 percent of its Expedition owners actually take their SUV off-road. Further, 45% of them take the SUV hunting, camping or fishing, so clearly, this package will have some takers. Look for it to add $2,035 to the price of an Expedition Limited, bringing the grand total to $71,865. If you want one now, good news: it's available now -- even for the larger Expedition Max.

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