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Ford-exclusive paint technology goes global

Ford announces the 3-Wet paint technology that's healthier for the environment.

Global paint shops in India, Romania, Mexico and China are in the process of rolling out a Ford-exclusive paint technology that will not only save the shops time and money, but will lessen their environmental footprint and result in a high-quality product.

The 3-Wet paint technology is a combination of process and product that has allowed Ford to restructure its paint shops on a global scale. Leading the way is the high-solids, solvent-borne paint formulation developed by Ford and its suppliers that produces fewer emissions than current waterborne and solvent-borne paints, yet allows Ford to maintain its industry-leading long-term paint durability.

An automated application process eliminates the prep stage in a paint shop, allowing the three layers of paint--primer, base and enamel--to be applied one after another without manual intervention and while each layer is still wet. The result is a better product that offers a savings in time--about a 20 to 25 percent reduction in process time.

(Source: Ford Motor Company)