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Ford to roll out new electric SUV with 300-mile range

A $700 million plant investment allows for production of more electrified and autonomous vehicles in Michigan.

2017 Ford Focus Electric

Ford today confirmed that one of the 13 new electrified vehicles that it plans to bring to market by 2020 will be a small, fully electric SUV. The carmaker says the all-new model will have a driving range of at least 300 miles. That's a substantial improvement over the 115-mile driving range of the 2017Focus Electric, which is the only fully electric vehicle in the Ford lineup today.

If Ford's new electric SUV delivers on the 300-mile range promise, it will also better the Chevrolet Bolt, which has a driving range of 238 miles. Of course, there's no telling what improvements Chevy will make to the Bolt's battery pack by the time the new Ford gets here.

Ford is only saying that it will arrive in showrooms by 2020, and be built in its plant in Flat Rock, Michigan, which currently builds the Ford Mustang sports car and Lincoln Continental luxury sedan. The facility will receive a $700 million investment in order to produce electrified and autonomous vehicles, and create 700 new jobs in the process.

The investment paves the way not only for the new electric SUV to be built in Flat Rock, but also the new Mustang Hybrid that will hit the market in 2020, and a new high-volume autonomous hybrid vehicle for commercial ride-hailing and ride-sharing services for North America in 2021.