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Ford creates a drugged-driving suit to show why you shouldn't toke behind the wheel

The automaker will use the suit as part of its new-driver education program, in the hopes that motorists will think twice before making a bad decision.

Ford Drugged Driving Suit
Ford's drugged-driving suit is the follow-up to its drunk-driving suit, which helped teach new drivers the dangers of mixing alcohol and cars.

There's no better way to scare people away from a bad idea than by showing them the consequences of their actions. Of course, when the bad idea is driving under the influence of drugs, you probably don't want to get a bunch of new drivers high as kites. Thus, Ford's created a solution that creates those consequences in safe, controlled environment.

The suit consists of several parts designed to mimic the experience of being under the influence of a variety of illegal substances, including cocaine and marijuana. Headphones play sounds to distract you, while a special set of glasses creates the feeling of tunnel vision. Weights and bandages slow limb movement down and create imbalance, and a tremor generator keeps one hand a bit shaky.

According to the video below, even Ford's own test drivers aren't capable of handling the onslaught of sensory issues this suit creates. There's no better way to convince yourself to avoid drugged driving than by mowing down a field of cones while wearing a pair of glasses that look like they were designed by a drugged-up Kanye West.

This is Ford's second suit of this type. The automaker originally created a drunk-driving suit that achieves similar results, albeit tailored specifically to the effects of alcohol. However, with the growing number of locations offering medicinal or recreational marijuana, drugged driving is a growing concern.