Ford China introduces its first all-electric SUV and it looks surprisingly cool

The Territory EV is an electrified version of a little badge-engineered SUV built by Ford's Chinese partner Jiangling.

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This cute lil guy is Ford's first Chinese-market electric SUV and it's called the Territory EV.

Ford China

Ford is getting ready to launch a new small electric SUV in China and not only does it look cool, but it will also do a claimed 224 miles per charge, according to an announcement Thursday from Ford China.

The SUV in question is called the Territory EV, and if that doesn't sound familiar at all, that's because it's not something we get in the US. In fact, it's a badge-engineered version of Ford's Chinese partner Jiangling's Yusheng S330 SUV.

The Territory EV is set to hit the streets of the Middle Kingdom by the end of 2019, and it's significant because it's the Ford's first purely electric vehicle to be sold there, and according to its press release, it will come with unlimited charging in major Chinese cities.

"We will combine Ford's global new energy strategy, inject Chinese genes and Chinese wisdom, and fulfill the promise of 'more Ford, more China,'" Chen Anning, president and CEO of Ford Motor Company China, said in a statement.

The Territory EV can be considered an opening salvo in a planned barrage of more than 30 new Ford and models destined for the world's largest market for cars. The whole plan is part of the aptly named Ford China 2.0 initiative.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of the Territory EV coming to the US is pretty slim, owing to its badge-engineered Chinese joint-venture nature. That means that if you're smitten by this little charmer, you'll have to start working on your VISA paperwork now.

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