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Ford changed lighting colors for gender equality

There's more to keeping a vehicle well-lit than you might think.

Not only is light blue better for everyone's eyes, it photographs much better, as well.


You might look at your headlights or the lights on your dashboard, but beyond being happy they exist, you might not give them that much thought. But the automakers do, and when it came time for Ford to change up its interior lighting, it took all sorts of things into account -- including gender equality.

Ford used to have green interior lighting, but when the 21st century came around, the company switched to a light-blue motif. This was due, at least in part, to gender equality. Men and women see color differently, so it was important to pick a shade that appealed to the eyes, no matter the biological gender.

Green was also cast aside because the colorblind might have issues. Ford also went with its particular shade of blue because it's typically perceived as being brighter. It's also far less drab than green, if we're being honest.

The company's lighting efforts don't stop with the interior. Ford's tweaking its LED headlights to produce light that's easier on the eyes, as well as being more efficient. Weirdly enough, this desire to improve lighting stems from human psychology -- apparently, contrast changes and gradients can directly affect a person's mood. That might help explain why we're all one collective Grumpy Gus after a long commute home.