Ford Bronco? Nope, this is a cleverly disguised Suzuki Jimny

Japan's DAMD has come up with one heck of a kit to turn the Jimny into a Bronco lookalike.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
Suzuki Jimny-based Ford Bronco
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Suzuki Jimny-based Ford Bronco

Very cool, Japan. Very cool.


The Suzuki Jimny does a pretty excellent job at playing chameleon. It's been dressed up like numerous vehicles in the past, but for its next act, it took on the looks of a 1960s Ford Bronco.

Fresh from the Tokyo Auto Salon, Japanese firm DAMD debuted this creation. The Jimny-turned-Bronco even has a proper name: Little B. Dronco. The "Dronco" part of the name isn't just mashing words together -- the company told Roadshow it actually means "play with mud" in Japanese. A fitting title for either the Bronco or Jimny, for sure.

DAMD absolutely nailed the exterior looks, with a white color surrounding the grille and a matching white cap. White wheels and a DAMD logo, placed much like the old-school "Ford" font spelled out in the grille, are proper touches for this vintage-inspired build. The rear is where things don't quite match, but again, the Suzuki does a good impersonation nonetheless.

Suzuki Jimny does its best Ford Bronco impersonation

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If you're not even sure what a Jimny is, don't worry about it, because Suzuki hasn't sold a car in America for eight years now. We'll never see the cute off-roader on our shores (even though we drove it here once); neither will we see this Bronco impersonation.

While we won't get a Jimny, we will see the Bronco return, if you haven't heard. The reborn SUV is due for a spring debut this year, perhaps at the reimagined North American International Auto Show in Detroit this June.

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