Ford Bronco, Bronco Sport orders: Rumor suggests one happens soon, the other not so much

For those itching to place an order for the Bronco and smaller Bronco Sport, there's good news and bad news in the latest rumors.

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Sean Szymkowski
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Ford Bronco
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Ford Bronco

We'll see the Bronco in a few weeks, but it might not actually be here until April 2021.

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We're very, very close to finally seeing the much anticipated 2021 Ford Bronco. As for the baby Bronco, aka the Bronco Sport, we're not sure when it will show face.

According to a new rumor that surfaced on the Bronco 6G Forum, however, it's good news for those eager to order a Bronco Sport. It's not as great news for those who want a Bronco. A user published a post with information allegedly from a Ford dealership source that said order books for the Bronco Sport will open on July 1. As for the Bronco, it's not as good news because orders won't start until December of this year.

We can't confirm the dates and Ford declined to comment on the floated timeframe. Roadshow understands, however, that we'll learn more about both the Bronco and Bronco Sport in the next couple of weeks. Of course, the Bronco's debut is confirmed for July 9, but the Bronco Sport debut could be closer than we think. Ford also plans to reveal the 2021 F-150 on June 25, so maybe it has a surprise.

In addition to the order dates, the dealer source also said Bronco Sport orders would start delivery in November of this year. The timeframe matches a previous report that spoke of a September production start date for the Bronco Sport. Ford's production schedules have reportedly been all out of whack for planned new vehicles ever since the coronavirus pandemic began. You may recall the Bronco Sport was meant to debut this past April and start production next month.

Back to the Bronco: If the information turns out to be accurate, those who place an order for the off-road SUV this December will take delivery of it in April 2021.

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