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Ford sponsors three Rebelle Rally teams with the new Bronco Sport

The Blue Oval is setting out to prove that the little crossover is worthy of the Bronco name.

Ford is going to let six women loose on the desert in three new Bronco Sport crossovers for the 2020 Rebelle Rally.

As a reader of Roadshow, you're probably pretty familiar with the Rebelle Rally. I mean, our very own Emme Hall is a former overall winner, after all, and competed (and won) last year in a Rolls-Royce Cullinan. If you're not familiar, then I will tell you that it's an off-road navigation rally for women only, and it's been running every year since 2015.

That awesomeness is likely why Ford has decided to sponsor three teams this year, giving them each a brand new, hot-off-the-presses Ford Bronco Sport to compete in. The Bronco Sport, you say? Isn't that the baby Bronco? Yes, but that's part of the fun; also, the Rebelle isn't exactly King of the Hammers, so you can finish it in a crossover -- many have before.

The three teams each consist of two women, with the first being Ford employees Jovina Young and Erica Martin. Next up is Shelby Hall and Penny Dale, a pair of off-road veterans. Finally, there is the team of journalist Elana Scherr and seasoned navigator Betsy Anderson.

To finish the rally, the competitors have to use their navigation skills to hit a series of around 200 invisible GPS checkpoints over the course of 10 days and close to 2,000 miles. The team that hits the most checkpoints wins.

This year's rally takes place from October 8 through the 17.

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