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Ford wants the trademark for Scout and Bronco Scout, report says

It looks like the Blue Oval is trying to revive more than just one classic off-roading nameplate.

Ford Bronco teaser image
Ford's new Bronco could help bring back another historic SUV nameplate.

Ford has been whipping truck and SUV enthusiasts into a froth with the news of a revived Bronco SUV, but it would seem that Bronco isn't the only famous nameplate that's getting a second lease on life.

According to a report Saturday by FordAuthority.com, the Blue Oval has applied for trademarks on both the Scout and Bronco Scout names, and we're betting that the Scout badge could find a home on the long-rumored "baby Bronco."

Now, applying for trademarks on vehicle names isn't necessarily a sure sign that they'll get used. Automakers squirrel away weird names for potential vehicles all the time. That said, the fact that it's trying to snag a trademark on a famous SUV name like Scout leads us to believe that this is more than just an exercise.

Unfortunately, details on the Bronco are still scarce as Ford has gotten annoyingly good at stopping leaks (for the most part) about its highly anticipated new vehicles. We are reasonably sure that we'll see the new Bronco sometime next year as a 2021 model, with the baby Bronco (likely Escape-based) a few months after that.