Ford Bronco Raptor RLE Brings the GOAT to Rocket League

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Tim Stevens
A Ford Bronco Raptor digitized for the game of Rocket League, with the obligatory giant rocket on the back.

Behold, the Ford Bronco Raptor RLE!


What's happening

Ford is bringing its wildest Bronco, the Raptor, to Rocket League.

Why it matters

Rocket League is still one of the most popular competitive games on the planet.

What's next

The Rocket League World Championships kick off Aug. 4.

The phrase "Win on Sunday, sell on Monday" is as true as ever when it comes to car marketing, but the competition locales have certainly changed over the years. Today it's as much about the digital as the physical, and one of the hottest venues on the planet is the virtual battleground of Rocket League.

Ford is again partnering with Psyonix, developer of the outrageously popular Rocket League series, this time to bring the Bronco Raptor to the game. The so-called Bronco Raptor Rocket League Edition, or RLE, follows the F-150 and Mustang, both of which can already be run in the Rocket League arena.

A Ford Bronco Raptor digitized for the game of Rocket League, with the obligatory giant rocket on the back.

As close as we're going to get to a Bronco Raptor R for a little while. 


While the new Bronco Raptor RLE has neither the 418 horsepower nor the 440 pound-feet of torque of the real thing, it does offer a rocket engine cleverly integrated into the hitch-mounted spare tire. It also features the outrageously oversize fender flares that make the real Bronco Raptor such a looker on the streets or the trails.

The Ford Bronco Raptor RLE hits Rocket League arenas on Aug. 4, just in time for the first wildcard rounds of this year's Rocket League World Championship in Fort Worth, Texas. Gamers at home can buy the Bronco Raptor RLE in an 1,100-credit ($10) bundle containing in-game decals and other goodies while the pros compete for a whopping $2,085,000 prize pool to be awarded on Aug. 14. Yes, that's a Sunday.