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How bad do you want a Ford Bronco? Owners are starting to flip them for $100,000

Early Bronco First Edition models are now going for six figures on eBay Motors.

2021 Ford Bronco First Edition for auction
Six-figures?? Really?
Levon Moosakhanian/eBay Motors

Is anyone surprised that early-2021 Ford Bronco owners are already out looking for a payday? A quick check of eBay Motors shows those with newly delivered Bronco First Edition SUVs are asking big, big bucks for them. How much? $100,000 or more in many cases. Some people aren't even waiting until their Broncos are actually delivered; they're attempting to hock their reservation spots for big bucks.

Ford just began deliveries of the first SUVs in the past few weeks, realizing the dreams of so many who've waited very patiently for their Bronco. Remember, this vehicle was supposed to arrive months ago, but the coronavirus pandemic pushed production to this summer. Now, with the lines up and running, we're starting to see the first Broncos in the wild. But $100,000? Being first does not come cheaply, that's for sure.

Flipping cars quickly for a profit is nothing new. In fact, we've seen this kind of practice become more prevalent with the rise of automotive auction sites across the internet. What's more wild is the fact people are biting. Take this Bronco First Edition up for auction. Right now, the current bid stands at $102,100 -- and the reserve price hasn't been met. If you want to make it easy and click the "buy it now" button, the seller in Maryland asks for $149,990. A steal, really. A number of other examples exist on eBay going for $110,000, $130,000 and more. They all have bids approaching the six-figure mark at that. I guess people really need a Bronco in their life.

To be fair, the First Editions will be more of the collector SUV as Ford will only build a small number of them compared to regular Bronco variants with unique features. But still, there's a lot you can do with $100,000, especially knowing these vehicles retail for $56,000.

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