Ford Bronco options pricing leaks for 2021, report says

If you've gotta go Sasquatch, be prepared for a big hit to the wallet before you hit the trails.

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The Bronco looks awesome all kitted out, but not all those options are going to be affordably-priced.


It's no secret that people are going completely bananas over recently resurrected body-on-frame , with the company receiving upwards of 150,000 reservations in the first 18 days after it debuted.

We've had a vague idea of pricing for the various trims for a while now. Still, Ford has yet to offer up pricing for its numerous options and trim packages -- something that we suspect prospective Bronco buyers are extremely interested in. The good thing is that, thanks to a story published Tuesday by Bronco Nation, we've got an idea of what we can expect.

Bronco Nation got its information from a pricing survey that Ford has allegedly been sending out to people, trying to get an idea of what options people will want initially in order to streamline the production of the vehicle. These surveys also seem to be seeking to nail down where the options pricing should be, so the numbers aren't official or final in the slightest.

With that in mind, what can you expect to pay for fancying up your Bronco? Well, if you -- like us -- are super-excited about the Sasquatch pack and its big tires, locking diffs and more, you can expect to shell out somewhere between $4,000 and $5,000. Going from the turbo-four-cylinder engine to the EcoBoost V6 is likely to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $3,500, while swapping the four-cylinder model's seven-speed manual for the 10-speed auto will require 1,600 of your dollars, or thereabouts.

What will it cost to go from two doors to four? Well, that depends. If you're looking at the base model Bronco or the First Edition, it will land somewhere over $4,000. Other trim levels like Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, and Badlands will set you back around $2,500. Jeep's four-door premium ranges from $3,255 to $3,745.

Ford, for its part, remains noncommittal on the pricing front:

"The Bronco brand is committed to meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers. We're sending this equipment, package and pricing survey to 10,000 randomly selected two- and four-door Bronco reservation holders," said a Ford representative in a statement. "We want to learn even more about the features, series and technologies these outdoor enthusiasts are most interested in so we can even better prepare for production, which begins next spring. As for pricing, the Bronco survey does not have final retail pricing, it's strictly for our customer research."  

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