2021 Ford Bronco interior all but revealed

Ford's new big Bronco 4x4 is getting a blocky dashboard with a huge new touchscreen infotainment system.

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2021 Ford Bronco interior
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2021 Ford Bronco interior

The 2021 Ford Bronco's dashboard looks appropriately chunky and purposeful.


It won't be long before  finally reveals the 2021 Bronco in all its dirt-churning glory. The reborn body-on-frame SUV and its kid brother crossover relative will be revealed in a multi-platform marketing juggernaut Monday night, and you can watch it right here on Roadshow. In the meantime, our crafty friends at Bronco6G.com have caught the big Bronco's interior mostly undisguised. (Head over to their website to see the full photos of the interior.)

The big 4x4's interior has a blocky, rugged design, with a mostly flat dashboard that has "Bronco" stamped into the right-hand side. A large central touchscreen looks like the same 12-inch unit found in the new 2021 F-150, and it's flanked by conventional rectangular air vents. Above the screen on top of the dash is a row of what looks like rubber-covered switchgear for functions differential lockers and traction control. There's a possibility the Bronco could get other tech features from the F-150 like a digital gauge cluster, too.

Below the screen are a number of analog dials and buttons for both the audio system and climate control. Looking closely, there are buttons for parking sensors, a camera system, and the engine start/stop function. A cubby under these controls has both a standard USB-A port and a USB-C port, as well as space for a potential wireless charger.

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The Bronco captured in these shots is an automatic, with a chunky shift lever positioned next to a set of cupholders. Behind the shifter is a drive mode dial that also controls the four-wheel-drive system, with "2H," "4L," "4H," and "4x4" settings. At the front of the center armrest seem to be power side-mirror controls, as well as other switches that are obscured by a covering. There's also a grippy grab handle next to the cupholders on the passenger side.

We can't see much else, but we are expecting durable interior fabrics and materials. Ford says the Bronco's interior will be easily washable, which should prove to be helpful as the SUV's doors and roof will be removable. Hopefully Ford will offer the Bronco with some interesting color and trims, too. Thanks to another leak that came to light on Friday, we've already seen that there will be a searing orange paint color on offer, too.

If you're still reading this and not already popping some popcorn, remember, here's how to watch the live Ford Bronco reveal on July 13. That's today, friend.