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The electric Ford Bronco is here, but it's just for kids

While Ford seemed to tease an electric Bronco in the past, this ride-on toy is the closest there is for now.

Ford Bronco ride-on toy
So, this is pretty cool.
Kid Trax

It feels likely we'll get an electric Ford Bronco in the years to come, but for now, the closest you can get is what you see here. It's a kids' ride-on toy from Kid Trax, officially licensed from Ford and all. Honestly, it's an excellent interpretation of the actual Bronco.

The tiny Bronco toy run on a 12-volt battery and comes with a charger so parents can simply plug it in when it's ready for a fill-up. Beyond that, it even features removable doors and a bed cover so the young'uns can choose their own look for the SUV. LED headlights, a working FM radio and MP3 compatibility make me super jealous these kinds of things didn't exist when I was a kid. Seriously, this is some cool stuff for tiny humans interested in cars. Heck, there's even a fifth wheel and special "Power Trax" rubber strip tires to emulate some of the Bronco's off-road prowess.

The company doesn't have prices available yet, but it does say it will only be available at Target. So, if you need a small off-roader to perhaps match your life-sized Bronco, that's where you'll be able to find one when they start hitting shelves soon, the company said.