There's a new mysterious Ford Bronco concept coming

Ford issued a few teasers, but all we know is the SUV will honor the Bronco's legacy.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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Ford Bronco concept

Update: Ford revealed the Bronco Wildland fire rescue SUV on Thursday. Read all about it here!

Ford's having a lot of fun with the new Bronco, and why shouldn't it? It was perhaps the most anticipated vehicle to debut this year and people still went nuts even amid the coronavirus pandemic. We know we'll definitely get more Bronco details leading up to its launch next year, but in the meantime, Ford's teasing a new Bronco concept via the SUV's official Instagram .

This doesn't look like the previously teased Bronco Raptor/Warthog either. It looks like it might be a super rugged version of the SUV packed with accessories, but in a different way from the Bronco Overland concept. That one was all about living off the grid, this one seems more about off-road performance from the very few details we have. As for those details, they include a head-on shot of a heavy-duty winch, a few sketches showing various accessories and a photo of a twill interior piece. One of the sketches also appears to show some sort of rear-seat divider and it's totally unclear what purpose it could serve in this concept.

One other clue came two days ago when Ford first hinted on Instagram at something to honor the Bronco's legacy. The photo shows a 1977 Bronco in a picturesque scene outfitted with extra gear and rescue livery. This SUV will likely wear many accessories too, and could become a modern-day rescue vehicle of sorts. If I had to take one guess, this might have been a planned concept for the 2020 SEMA Show that will no longer take place.

Regardless, we're down for some more Bronco in our lives.

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