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Ford and ADT announce Canopy to create Ring-like security for your car

The new joint venture will bring its first security products to the vehicles like the F-150 and Transit, but it won't be exclusive to Ford.

Security company ADT and US automaker Ford have a new company to introduce called Canopy, they announced Tuesday. Think of this joint venture as Ring but for cars, as ADT and Ford join forces to strengthen automotive security with artificial intelligence and an owner app to help keep vehicles, and the gear inside them, safe.

The upcoming security systems will have numerous facets. Canopy will implement a combination of acoustic sensors, onboard cameras, radar, LTE and GPS to determine potential intruders and fire off alerts to vehicle owners as needed. At the start, a camera will be the main piece of equipment, which owners will be able to install in a van's cargo area or pickup truck's bed. Said camera features artificial intelligence that takes inputs to determine credible threats. The tech is supposed to be smart enough to understand the difference between, say, the loud noises near a construction site and the sound of glass breaking as a potential thief gains access to a vehicle. As for motion, the sensors promise the capability to distinguish suspicious movements as opposed to someone passing by the vehicle or an animal making its way into a pickup bed.

If the Canopy system finds a credible threat, vehicle owners can look at a livestream from the camera via the mobile app, receive a notification of suspicious activity or simply review past events. Safe by ADT, a professional monitoring system, can take further action to contact the appropriate party, whether that's a fleet operator, vehicle owner or even the police. By the time Canopy launches, owners will also be able to speak to thieves and warn they're under surveillance via two-way audio, a prerecorded voice message or other audio alerts.

Canopy will launch its first products in 2023, and Ford Pro will be one of the company's largest launch partners, naturally. F-150 and Transit buyers will specifically have first dibs on the tech. Canopy will also make its way to major brick-and-mortar and online retailers, and make its products available at vehicle dealerships. Ford franchises seem like a good bet at the beginning. Though, the company won't be a Ford exclusive. Canopy will eventually expand its reach to additional auto manufacturers.