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Ford adds Mog streaming music to Sync AppLink roster

The addition of Mog to Ford's Sync AppLink brings the total apps it supports up to 10. Mog subscribers will be able to use voice command to control various features of the streaming music in Ford models that have the latest version of AppLink installed.

Ford Mog interface
The MOG interface in Ford vehicles with AppLink runs off of an iPhone connected to the car through a cable. Mog

Ford owners can now count Mog among the apps available through Sync AppLink in their cars, letting them stream music from customized playlists or artist-based channels. Using the new feature will require a Ford model with the latest version of Sync AppLink installed and a subscription to Mog. According to the release, the Mog integration currently only works on iPhones connected to the car with a cable.

The MOG implementation will let drivers listen to a random selection of songs from a single artist, or they can broaden the selection using the car's tuning knob to include similar artists. Drivers will have access to their saved Mog playlists as well, along with a Top Songs playlist based on the Billboard charts.

Unique to this Mog implementation will be some degree of voice control. Although drivers will not be able to request a specific artist through voice, they will be able to request the Top Songs and Favorites playlists, as well as choosing to play songs downloaded from Mog to their phones.

Probably the most useful feature for customization will be the ability to mark any currently playing song as a Favorite, saving it to the Favorites playlist.

Ford is the second automaker to show off Mog integration. Earlier this year BMW began including Mog implementations in its new 6-series. The BMW Mog interface more closely mirrors that for the mobile device and Web, allowing access to all of Mog's curated content and the ability to choose new artists on the fly.

MOG rounds up the current list of apps supported by AppLink to 10. Ford also counts Pandora, TuneIn, Slacker, and iHeartRadio among the music-oriented apps it supports. Other selections include Scout navigation, NPR News, and OpenBeak for Twitter.

Ford Mog interface
The MOG implementation is also supported in cars without the larger LCD for MyFord Touch. Mog

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